Our Internet Access, telephony and virtual private network services, the keys to your success.

Web2Web, Talk2Talk and Lan2Lan can respond to any type of need. Our goal is to provide the service that will actively contribute to the success of your company.

Internet Access

Our Web2Web solution connect you to the world around you. The world is a huge market, the exchanges that we make are daily. Internet access, Cloud access, access to the highway of information are the source of many opportunities and the key to your success. These accesses are crucial for your business.
doesn’t suffer any downtime, we offer high resilience solutions or solutions combining several access networks ; fiber optic, copper network and mobile data network.


The current situation encourages us to change our habits. Lately, we all shown great flexibility, telephony evolved and a new dimension is emerging: Softphones. Super flexible, not geographically limited, shared and shareable.

Our Talk2Talk solution is perfectly suited to the needs of today’s telephony. Our dematerialized solution is based on a PABX located in the Cloud, giving you great freedom in the choice of terminals: landlines, smartphones, tablets or laptops.

Our solution is integrated with the leaders of virtual communication and offers you to communicate while freeing you from technological complexity.

To make your employees want to test the efficiency of tomorrow’s communication, a hybrid offer combining the interaction between fixed telephony and our softphone solution is available.

We evolve with your needs and we always offer you our SIP trunk offer allowing you to use your current PABX.

Combined with our communication packs, you will avoid any surprises when invoicing arrives.

Virtual private network

The world is made up of exchanges, these exchanges are made up of words, applications and computer data. Your employees must have access to your data at any time, securely and anywhere. This availability is synonymous with efficiency.

Our Lan2Lan service eliminates the distances between your business units and allows you to work as if all your business units were under the same roof.

Our service, also known as a private company network, conveys your data and allows you to experience the same functionalities in each of your business units, in each of your branches, as well as at your company’s head office.

Our service is the key to any good Disaster Recovery Plan scenario and guarantees an optimal level for your Business Continuity. Our teams of network specialists support you in what you have most precious: your business.

Your business does not accept any downtime, we offer you high resilience solutions combining several access networks; fiber optic, copper network and mobile data network.

To complete this service, we offer Tier 3+ national data center hosting solutions.

Connectis Group

  • Hardware and software solutions for printing and document management.

  • Global IT asset management specialist for over 15 years: networks, security, infrastructure, emails, etc.

  • All types of Internet access and effective VOIP solutions.

Connectis Group

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