Our customizable service solution packs to get off to a good start, grow and sustain your business.

Link2Start, Link2Grow and Link2Go are sized to meet your needs, supporting you in your everyday professional life but also in that of tomorrow! Do not hesitate and request your audit without obligation. Together we will build the offer that meets your needs. Your business grows, our offer adapts!


From 1 to 10 users.

Whether you are self-employed or the manager of a small or medium-sized business, your needs are similar to those of a large company: Be efficient at controlled costs.

This pack includes:

  • An internet connection ensuring high quality speed and including a fixed public IP address that will allow your infrastructure to be ready for your development.
  • A mobile data service to deal with any eventuality of degraded service.
  • Cloud telephony for total flexibility.

From 109€*


From 10 to 50 users.

The Link2Grow solution ensures continuous development of your performance and your employees have an effective tool that suits them.

This pack includes:

  • A dedicated fiber optic internet access with a guaranteed symmetrical capacity of 50M and scalable according to your usage profiles and to support ever denser traffic.
  • A secondary link, VDSL backup or redundant optical fiber which guarantees the continuity of your activities in all circumstances.
  • VOIP telephony hosted in a PABXCloud or on a on-premise server within your walls. Whether you opt for physical phones or softphones.

From 259€*


From 50 users.

For one or more business units, whether you want to connect your parent company to the data center or whether your business units are connected to each other, anything is possible. The Link2Go solution will adapt to meet your most demanding needs.

A dedicated optical fiber Internet access with a symmetrical bandwidth of 100M to 1G or more..., your backup on a secondary redundant optical fiber, telephony via on-premise server or server in the cloud. MPLS, IPVPN, SD-WAN ...

Everything is possible with Link2Go.

Price available via the audit button*

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  • Hardware and software solutions for printing and document management.

  • Global IT asset management specialist for over 15 years: networks, security, infrastructure, emails, etc.

  • All types of Internet access and effective VOIP solutions.

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